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Shipping Policy

ZeekArt offers multiple shipping options. We can help you with everything from the most expensive works of art to our most moderately priced items. We understand that antiques are precious. And irreplaceable. And no one understands that more than antique specialists such as ZeekArt. That’s why you can trust ZeekArt to pack and ship your valuable antiques.

We start by examining your heirlooms and then designing a custom crate that is perfectly tailored to ensure your antique will arrive at its destination safe and sound. Your item(s) will be packed and double boxed with plastic bubbles or packing peanuts to make sure it's strong enough during shipment.

We will discuss with the detail of shipping, including shipping methods and insurance after the sale. We always recommend you buy shipping insurance for your invaluable antique pieces. In case you do not want to buy shipping insurance for any reason, will will send you detail information to verify with you.

In most cases, you shipping charge will be paid by ZeekArt. However, for some huge package, there might be additional charge for shipping and the related service, we will inform you by mail for the detail. If you have any question toward shipping, you can send you email to zododo@gmail.com

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